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If you would like to serve alcoholic beverages at your event, you may provide them at no additional charge. Just have the alcoholic beverages of your choice delivered to your venue and we will do all the work! From opening and chilling the bottles to packaging up all of your leftovers at the end of the event.


$3.50 per person - Beer, Wine & or Champagne

We include the Bartender(s), Unlimited Sodas & Hansen's Juice's, Ice, Buckets for Chilling and our Liquor Liability Insurance.

Full Bar

$4.50 per person - Beer, Wine & or Champagne plus Full Bar or Specialty Drinks

Glassware & or Disposable Cups & Tumblers are not included.

The following is a breakdown of the above prices if you wish to do some or all of the above..

Bartenders ( including the liability) ... $2.75 per guest
Ice ... $0.50 per guest
Buckets for Chilling ... no charge
Sodas & Hansen's Juices ... $0.50 per guest
Full Bar Mixes ... $1.00 per guest

Please note: Full Bar Mixers include the following....
Cranberry, Orange, Tomato, Pineapple and Grapefruit Juices
Tonic Water, Soda Water
Cherries, Olives, Cocktail Onions
Lemons & Limes
Stir Sticks, Cocktail Napkins, Beverage Straws

You may need to purchase a Banquet Permit for your event depending on the venue.

NO-HOST (cash) BAR

We recommend you arrange this type of service through a licensed bar catering company. We recommend The Great Nabob Bar Catering (p: 206.909.4598 ) for this type of service. Each guest will pay for individual drinks at the established per drink rate. Minimum sales, additional supplies and labor charges may apply.

You are welcome to host all or part of the bar, by arranging to run a tab with the bar catering company.


We offer the following beverage alternatives to compliment your next event:

Iced Tea
Classic Red Punch
Pyramid's White Grape Fresh Berry Punch
Traditional Lemonade
Strawberry - Lavender Lemonade
Mango Lemonade
Peach Lemonade
Mulled Apple Cider
Hot Cocoa